Serendipity – Block 6 (Flying Geese block 2)

Flying Geese Block 2



Hi everyone. New month…new block. I just love this one. So here it is Serendipity – Geese Block 2.

Oh Boy, did I have fun with hand quilting last week!  I felt a physical sense of loss after I was done. Yet also, strangely enough, relief.  It’s always nice when a chore turns out to be so much fun! I can’t wait for the next block to be finished. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sewing machine.  But we are not always on the best of terms.  And wrestling a bed-size quilt into a little 6-inch space doesn’t thrill me.  Hand work just seems to suit me better.  Although, I’ve noticed that I’m like a child and have to be entertained at every moment, so either the TV is on, or the radio, or I’m listening to a book, whatever. When the kids were small (and loud), I used to crave hand-stitching for the quiet and to escape.  Now that they’re almost grown, I go crazy when it’s too quiet and crave background noise. Too funny!  But stitching is still an escape.

I hope that the change of seasons brings welcome relief to you.  I know it will for us.  Yesterday was 104 degrees, so I’m looking forward to cooler weather.

Happy Stitching,


Serendipity block 5

Flying Geese Block 2a


Serendipity block 5 is ready to download.

The center block from the quilt can be ordered on my site at the pattern shop or at

I have been busy working on a quilt for my daughter who is having knee replacement surgery in August, just 3 months after having her right knee done.  She is amazing!!  She reminded me in May that she is the only child who has never had a quilt from me.  I felt bad about that.  And now seems like the perfect opportunity to put one together for her.  She is such a sweet young woman and always cheerful despite physical challenges.   So I wanted to put together a quilt that would be fairly quick to sew (so I can send it to her before her surgery) and also pretty.  Now, it’s a fact that I’m in love with Variable stars, as evidenced by this year’s BOM, but I’m not such a fan of triangles.  So I decided to use Jodi Barrows’ square in a square method for a quilt called Triangle Galaxy and it was really easy and really fun.   Here it is sans borders:

Robyn Quilt


There are, I think, 24 triangles in each square and I didn’t have to fiddle with a single one!  Lovely.  I find that I tend to sew with a generous 1/4-inch seam, so my blocks (for just about every pieced quilt I do) end up smaller than the pattern says.  So, for instance, these blocks should have measured 11-1/2″ square, but each one only measured 11″ square.  I’m just glad that they were all consistent. lol  I even tend to shrink blocks when paper-piecing!  How is that possible?!  It’s a gift, I guess, or at least some quirk of my own that I’ve learned to embrace.  I’m going to big stitch quilt it and even found the thread I’m going to use at my LQS Bolts in the Bathtub.  It’s a wonderful gold-colored perle cotton, probably about a size 5, maybe 8.  And if that doesn’t work, I bought some size 12 DMC perle cotton in black.  I’m hoping the gold will work though.

Take care,