I’m a Mormon mother of 5, happily devoted to my sweetheart, who loves to quilt and write fiction in my spare time.  I’m especially partial to applique, though I like to piece, as well.  But if I could, I’d put a little applique on all my pieces.  I’ve been quilting for about 10 years and am especially gifted at starting projects.  Not so gifted in following them through to the end.  Lots of flimsies and lots of fabric bought meant for some project I couldn’t wait to start but never got around to.  My writing is the same.  Lots of starts and few finishes.  The process is all part of the fun for me, and while it may be frustrating for those around me, I don’t see myself changing any time soon.  Life is good, even with blemishes.  God is good and I’m thankful for his watchful care.  My children are starting to leave the nest and it’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time.  They bring new people in our lives to care and worry about and more blessings than I can hold with both hands.

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  1. I truly love your Sycamore Rose and was wondering if you had a way, such as a newsletter and/or blog so I might be notified when other patterns are released?

    Thanks again for a beautiful project



    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. There should be a link on the bottom right hand of the screen (in a black box) to “Follow” this blog. Then you will be notified by email when a new post is uploaded. There will be a new block posted on the first of every month.


  2. Oh, now I see we have even more in common than I thought! Only my children are already gone and there were only two. =) But LDS, yes, start and don’t always finish, yes. Applique lover, yes. Writer, yes. LOL I have actually finished a couple of the book projects, but these days I mostly write on Star Trek sims. =)

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  3. Good morning, I am new to your web site, blog. I just love your quilts! Is there any way I can get the patterns for the BOM Sycamore Rose quilt? I made a similar quilts approx. 30 years ago and I would love to do a new one using your BOM. Thank you for letting me know!


  4. Hi! I happened to see in one of your posts that you purchased some fabric for your Dear Jane, which you planned to hand piece! I, too, have begun my “baby jane” and am hand piecing, also! I’d love to be some sort of pen pals for the project! I have one friend who joined the fun with me finding and sharing fabrics, but that’s as far as she’s gotten! Another friend is also doing a baby jane, but is going to machine sew her blocks. There’s also a lady in France who’s posted her blocks, but I’m not as far as she is to finishing! Anyway, please let me know about your baby Jane as you move forward with this project!


  5. I read your Blog this morning about the dust, wind and tumbleweeds. I understand completely. I live in the High Desert in CA. I also long for the green of Washington.
    Applique is also my very favorite and I really enjoy and appreciate you sharing your BOM patterns. Thank you.


  6. Nice for your info so we can get to know you a bit. Just printed Block 3, but can’t find the beginning blocks. Am I too late?? How long does each one stay available for downloading? Like what I see.
    Thanks so much. Patty


  7. Hi, I again wanted to tell you how beautiful the square is and I so appreciate your sharing with me when we sitting.

    Thank you

    I’d you and your husband get a chance, check out the Pinacles or the Gem O Rama in Trona


  8. HI there. LOVED your Energy Grid in the McCall’s magazine. Do you have a list of the colors you used from Stonehenge Gradations and Toscana, or have you thought of kitting it? It’s brilliant and I’d love to make it!!


    1. Hi Terri,

      Thank you so much! The fabrics I used are as follows:

      3954-96 (Black)
      3956-100 (White)
      39300-95 (Dark gray #1)
      39301-95 (Dark gray #2)
      39302-95 (Medium gray #1)
      39303-94 (Medium gray #2)
      39304-94 (Light gray #1)
      39305-94 (Light gray #2)
      Also from Northcott, I used 9020-24 from the Toscana line for the red chain squares.

      It was a lot of fun to make. Truthfully, I hadn’t considered kitting it up but will give that a thought now. Thank you so much!!


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