Serendipity – Block 7 (Geese block 4)



The final Geese block is ready to download.  You can grab it here serendipity-geese-block-4 .

Next month there will be two patterns: the Geese accent blocks and the Borders with finishing directions.

My sweetheart and I took a little roadtrip on Tuesday into the local hills of Valyermo to take pictures for fun. These were taken a quaint little post office.  All of the pictures shown here were taken by my husband.  I can’t take a decent shot no matter how hard I tried.  The camera I used ate the pictures I took, I think because it couldn’t stand the thought of them seeing the light of day. lol.




We weren’t there long when my bladder, apparently shrinking with age, urged a pit stop.  We were miles away from any fast food restaurants or gas stations, so we tried our luck at St. Andrews Abbey, whose sign we saw on our way into Valyermo.  It was such a lovely place!


abbey1It had two (2!!) bookstores (one used – my absolute favorite way to spend time and $$) which were open to the public and all the beautiful grounds were accessible to drive/walk (and perhaps, most importantly, a clean public restroom).  There was such a peaceful beautiful feeling there.  It was lovely.  I’m so glad we stopped in or we would wind up living near it for years and never have experienced it.  On the walls of the big bookstore were beautiful metalworks done by Haitians which were for sale.


There’s a building on site where they make other art (Saints and angels, etc) and those had a certain charm, too.

They had beautiful long-stemmed roses planted alongside the living quarters.


abbey4We spent a long time there, just ambling along the path and enjoying the peace and serenity and beauty of the place.  It was so wonderful!

Even though I’m not Catholic, I’m so grateful for the Spirit of Christ that was evident in such a beautiful place.  I’m already looking forward to going back.

2 thoughts on “Serendipity – Block 7 (Geese block 4)

  1. Thank you for the pattern. That Abbey sounds lovely! TWO bookstores – heavenly! I would have spent a lot of time there, too. I loved the pictures you shared. Thank your husband for me. =)


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