Serendipity Block 4



2016 BOMcorner block 1d


Well we’re finally finishing up the corner blocks.  Month 4 is a simple little 9-patch made up of 2.25″ cut squares.  The 9-patch as a whole should measure 5.25″ after it’s appliqued to the center square.  Why appliqued?  Because to finish the square properly by piecing, the sashing squares would need to be (if I’m not mistaken) 2.116″ x 5.25″ and ain’t nobody got time to find that measurement on a ruler. lol  So here’s the link to download Serendipity – Corner Block 4.

The center block can be purchased here:

Reference Book, Vol 1 (square)I recently ordered Jodi Barrows “Square in a Square Technique Reference Book Volume 1” and am looking forward to piecing for a little bit.  I bought a bunch of reproduction fat quarters  for my own Dear Jane, but if what I’ve done on it so far is any indication of where I’ll be a year from now…I might as well use that fabric for something else.  I’ve had her special Square in a Square ruler for some time.  I bought it at the Long Beach AQS show years ago, but haven’t really given the method an honest try.  I’m intrigued to make a block of 24 triangles without sewing a single one.  Her method uses strips sewn to a center square and cut with the special ruler to create perfectly trimmed triangles.  That’s the goal. ha ha.  We’ll see how accurate I’m able to be.  I bought the video as well, as I tend to be a visual learner.  I’m excited to start!  So excited that I’m paralyzed by freaking perfectionism, which stops me in my tracks more often than not.  What if it’s not as easy as it seems? What if I mess it up?  What if I try and fail?  I usually sit with these questions for about a week, then get tired of the rhetoric and just start cutting and sewing and having a blast.

Speaking of perfectionism, it’s the only reason I haven’t given the back basting tutorial a try.  What if?….what if?….what if?  You all don’t mind that my fingernails aren’t manicured, right?  Can you believe that silly little thing has kept me from doing it?  It’s so crazy, but true.  I’ve been having the best time with back basting, too.  So so so easy and accurate.  No templates.  Minimal tools required.  I love it!

I hope you all have a lovely week ahead!  For the first time in years, my sweet husband will have the 4th of July off, so we’ll get to BBQ and everything with him here.  I’m so happy!



4 thoughts on “Serendipity Block 4

  1. I LOVE your quilting blog posts. And I always love your squares — they are so beautiful. I so envy your talent. I’ve been crazy to have a project to do. I always get my lesson done about 3 days after I give the previous one and then I have nothing particular to do for the rest of the time until the next lesson.  So I’ve decided to go back to miniatures. Not a dollhouse, although I’d love that, but I simply don’t have the room to built it or to dislay it, but I’m going to do room boxes again. Every one I ever made I gave away and these I’m going to keep and put SOMEwhere in this house! I went to Hobby Lobby where everythng is always discounted and got a darling 2-shelf cabinet, so I can do two rooms in it, and today I got a little distressed white lantern for only $10. I don’t know what I’ll put in it, but probably a patio scene. There’s not much “floor space” but it will be fun. Probably will be more expensive than I would like so I will have to stretch it out over a long period of time, but it’s keeping me from climbing the walls.

    I’m so glad Dan will be home for the 4th. I hope you have a perfectly wonderful day. We’re expecting 3 digit heat so will probably just stay indoors all day. We’re not much for fireworks any more. And Bob has just declared a new diet resolution (sigh) so we won’t be having anything wonderful to eat, I’m afraid.

    We’re thinking pretty seriously about taking a trip to California some time in the fall. Haven’t gotten around to details yet, but I think it will happen. Maybe around your birthday/Gen’l. Conference. This time we plan to spend a little more time. Our last trip was so rushed that it was very frustrating. Isn’t is funny how both our birthdays come so close to General Conference?

    Love you, Darlin’!!  I cannot wait to see you again. It’s been forever and I’ve really missed you. Hugs and kisses, lots of them!Mom


  2. Don’t bother with the manicure. It will just peel off anyway next week! So what’s the worst thing that could happen if you mess up? You wasted some fabric. That’s not scarce at your house, right? Use something that isn’t precious to you to try it out. What’s the worst thing that could happen if you fail? You move on to something else. What’s the worst thing that could happen if it isn’t as easy as it seems? You wasted your money, but it’s gone, so move on. See how this works? =)

    Thank you so much for not making me figure out 2.116″! Life is too short! Applique will do just fine. =) Thanks for block 4.


    1. Thank you! I used your logic on something else I was procrastinating on and after running through the list of “what if’s” and “What’s the worst that could happen?” I realized I had nothing to fear and got to work. So thank you!!


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