Happy Spring!  It’s been so beautiful lately that I almost can’t stand it.  Such lovely warm days and cool nights.  I want to stave off summer for as long as possible.  It’s perfect weather to throw open the windows and let the fresh air in.  Only…I’m surrounded by dirt and frequent dust storms. Lol.  We have a little green growing on the property, but most is cut down so it doesn’t grow into tumbleweeds and blow all over the yard.  Hubby wants to start a garden, but I’m a little hesitant.  No green thumbs here, and lots of critters digging holes.  My daughter in Washington grows a lovely salad garden.  I’m so jealous. 🙂


Li'l Serendipity

And the Serendipity Center Block is also up in the store.  This pattern has been a lot of fun to draw.  And it all just sort of came together. Hence, the name.  Fabric requirements for the whole BOM are listed in the pattern, as well as those for just the center block pattern called “Piece and Plenty.”


corner block 1a

Serendipity – Block 1 is also available for download.


Longmeadow has been taken down from the blog and can be found at my pattern shop or at  Remember that you also need to purchase the Center block pattern to complete the quilt.

I hope you all are enjoying as lovely weather as I am currently.  And wish you many long hours to sit and stitch!


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