Lancaster Co. – Borders

fraktur - No Pane

Let’s finish this puppy up! Lancaster Co. finishing instructions are ready to download. If you’re new or just jumping in, the center block can be purchased at Patternspot.

The top and bottom red borders are cut 7.5″ x 63.5″

The left and right red borders are cut 7.5″ x 93″

Center your applique and stitch in place. Included is an alphabet (one in Reverse, as well, for those who need it) and the Numbers (reverse numbers are included in this file).

Directions for cutting and sewing sashing is included in the finishing instructions.

I hope you have enjoyed this BOM as much as I did putting it all together. It was truly a delight!

Take care and happy stitching,


17 thoughts on “Lancaster Co. – Borders

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern and all your effort to get each block out even when it was obvious you were very busy moving and all. I hope to finish my top by Christmas, hopefully quilted! Thank you again.

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  2. I have been working on Lancaster for a while now. Slow going but still going. How can I purchase the center? I can no longer find your pattern on the Pattern Spot.


  3. Christy, Are Lancaster County patterns available? I made this quilt and must have loaned it. Still hoping it shows up but if not can it be purchased. patternspot apparently is no longer Thanks, Pam BTW I received a 3rd place ribbon for this quilt


    1. Hi Pam,

      Congratulations on the win! If you can find the e-receipt for the pattern when originally bought, I would be happy to send you copies of the patterns free of charge. Also, I would love to see a picture of the quilt you made.



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