Lancaster County – Block 14

Lancaster Co 2 Block 14

Yippee!!  I’m typing this from my makeshift office in the new house (otherwise known as the kitchen table or quilt central).  We finally moved into our new place.  A  good hard rain and thunder and lightning made for a memorable weekend, but we are warm and dry inside our little house.  I guess you could say we downsized since we have about a house and half’s worth of stuff stacked neatly in our garage.  My husband told someone that we moved about 83% of our stuff on Saturday and wish about 50% of that would dematerialize.  I never thought of myself as a hoarder until this move.  Now…I’m not so sure.

Here is Lancaster County 14.  You can find the center block at Patternspot (It’s called Folk Heart Fraktur).

You can find the Sycamore Rose pattern there, too.

Thank you for your patience while I get things put together during this move.  I’m sorry it’s late!  I’ll do better next time!


9 thoughts on “Lancaster County – Block 14

  1. Thank you for the pattern! Moving is never fun – but I always enjoyed setting up and re-organizing my sewing and craft rooms (and the rest of the house). Treasures get a new look. Enjoy your new home…


  2. I’m so excited for you – except not the dematerializing stuff, because somehow we have to do that piece by piece. Where’s a phaser when we need one? Thanks for this great block. I might have said this before, but I think it’s my favorite so far. =)


  3. I moved 7 months ago and I still have boxes around the house and have not organized my sewing room! I just push the boxes aside and keep sewing. Love the BOM! I haven’t gotten started on it but I will.


  4. Thank you for pattern #14!!! I determined to catch up and now have all 14 blocks finished! I’ve purchased your center pattern and have it ready to cut. This is going to make a large quilt, I sure hope someday, someone appreciates all this hard work, lol. Thank you again.


  5. Please don’t apologize for being late. Moving is such a big upheaval of life. It’s pretty amazing that you’ve gotten the final part out only a day later than you would have liked.

    Thank you for this BOM. It takes a tremendous amount of work and planning to do this.



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