Lancaster Co. – Block 13

Lancaster Co 2

Block 13Lancaster County 13 is ready to download.  The center block can be purchased at Patternspot.

On the moving front, things are going well.  I packed up all the fabric almost right away and have been regretting it ever since.  I’ve got fingers itching to stitch something.  ANYTHING! And everything’s out of reach. lol  I’ve still got the rest of the sewing room to pack, however, and have been avoiding this chore like the plague.  I won’t have a designated sewing area in the new house, so it’s hard to say goodbye to the layout I’ve been blessed to have in the current house.  However, nothing is forever.  And frankly, when I sewed I most often did it at my computer desk.  In the new house, I will probably commandeer the kitchen table.  It’s in the middle of a sunlit kitchen with windows all around and a view of the surrounding mountains.  I can’t complain.  I will take pictures once we are in.  As the move gets closer I get more and more excited.  This will be our 11th move in 26 years, so we are used to being uprooted.  We get it from my husband’s side who moved every few years.  On my side…well, my parents lived in the house where I was born for about 40 years give or take.  But I’ve learned to adapt to pulling up stakes every so often.  We belong to a wonderful, large church, so even though the locations of the meetings change, the doctrine and structure does not, for which I am infinitely grateful.  To keep that constant amidst change is a wonderful thing and has been a blessing for our children.

6 thoughts on “Lancaster Co. – Block 13

  1. Congratulations on your move! Hope you are back to stitching something real soon. Thank you so much for the patterns. I am starting on # 10, progressing like a turtle but progress non the less, lol.
    Moving is hard work, take care of you!

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