Lancaster Co. – Block 12

Lancaster Co 2

Block 12

Lancaster County 12 is ready to download.  The center block can be found at Patternspot.

We found a little house out in the country – or at least as country as desert can get – and are moving in July.  It’s a sweet little house, situated on 2 acres.  And are neighbors are horses, cars, and alfalfa farmers.  Lots of green, though not a speck of it on our property.

I bought a bunch of clear bins to pack the fabric in and will have that all labeled and ready to go in the next few days.  We’re still a month out, so it seems a little early to be packing up.  On the other hand, I don’t want to be panicked.  I’ve packed up all my quilting books and have sort of gone into withdrawal.

Tonight I go to the first meeting of a local applique guild that’s just been started.  I’m so excited!  I’ve been too shy to join the local quilting guild out here, so I’m hoping that by getting my toe in the water, I’ll open up a bit and socialize more.

6 thoughts on “Lancaster Co. – Block 12

  1. Thank you for the lovely pattern! Good luck with your move. Moving was never easy for me. My dad was in the Army, so we moved around a bit. Then I joined the Air Force and was gone – a lot. Have fun with your Applique Guild. It’s a great way to make friends.


  2. Tash
    I would like to say a Big Thank you for the current BOM, I am waiting until the last block I have already purchased the centre and will then pick my colours. I live in a country town in Australia.
    All the best with your move, you will love the country air and country people – we are great


    1. Thank you!! The closer it gets, the more excited we’re becoming. We visited the town’s only grocery store and were absolutely charmed. It’s small, but has the essentials. What more do we need?


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