Lancaster Co – Block 11

Block 11Lancaster Co 2

Lancaster Co – Block 11 is ready to download. The center block can be purchased at Patternspot.

I having been having fun with the BOM and I hope you are, too!  It’s kind of sad to see it in the end stages, but the timing is going to be perfect.  We are moving in August and I think I will wait until we are settled before starting to design a new BOM.  Or maybe it will be good stress relief during the move.  I guess we’ll see.  For now, though, I need to really organize my stash and make it moveable.  Right now I have it in my daughters’ old dressers and few bins here and there.  I think I will put it mostly in portable bins and ditch the dressers.  Anyone have any great portable storage ideas to share?  How many of you have moved your whole stash at one time or another? lol. I bet it’s a lot of you!

Take care & Happy Stitching,


3 thoughts on “Lancaster Co – Block 11

  1. Moved into my house 3 yrs ago. Had a huge stash and mounds of sewing supplies. Packed everything in file boxes, sorted as I packed. They are easy to carry, stack well, and you don’t have to dig through the contents of large boxes to find something. Worked really well for me.


  2. Buenos días Christy , como deseo comprar el bloque central he pinchado en donde se indica, al abrirse la siguiente ventana he pinchado en meter en el carro, me ha salido un mensaje en ingles, pero ha sido visto y no visto, por lo que no he podido ni intenta ver lo que ponían y esto no se ha movido más, desearía saber si hay algún problema o es que ya no puedo acceder. Saludos desde España. Domi


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