Lancaster Co – Block 9

Lancaster Co 2 Block 9

Lancaster County 9 is ready to download. The center block can be purchased here: Patternspot.

I’ve been having a lot of fun sewing up a new pattern and rediscovering the joys of foundation paper piecing.  Perfect points? Check!  Perfect 1/4″ seam? Check!  Pretty fabrics? Check!  Simple Design? Check!  It’s been great.  I’ve been watching old reruns of a 70’s show “Emergency” which I obsessed over as a kid and which I’m having a lot of fun watching now.  Thank heavens for Netflix.  I sew right at my computer desk which is more convenient than my official sewing room (the 4th garage).  I don’t like to sew in the sewing room because, being the garage, there’s only one outlet (?!) and the temperature runs from suffocatingly hot to downright freezing.  It’s lovely weather now, so I really don’t have an excuse not to be out there except I guess I’m spoiled and want climate control and ample plugs.  The supply closet (which is a re appropriated dresser) is the perfect height for a pressing station about a dozen steps away from my desk.  It’s perfect.

I hope you are all enjoying spring weather.  I know I am.


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