Lancaster Co. – Block 7

Block 7 Lancaster Co 2

This week, I was reunited with an old friend.  About 2 years ago, after a decade of faithful service, my Janome QC6260 started acting funny.  I couldn’t sew a straight seam more than an inch or two when the bobbin case would slip and I’d get a tangled mess on the backside of whatever I was sewing.  I took it in to have it serviced and it came back doing the same exact thing, but cleaner.  Because I’m a coward at heart, I didn’t challenge the $75 cost for the “servicing” and set the machine aside convinced that whatever was wrong with it was terminal.  Anxious to keep sewing, though, I grabbed a decent machine at half the cost of my Janome and started sewing.  It’s a nice little machine with many features, but it hiccups whenever there are seams with more than two pieces of fabric.  And it’s not crazy about paper piecing, either.  So flying geese by any method were pretty much out of the question.

I was sewing along the other night, fighting with the machine over some piecing when I thought to google a reputable sewing machine place out here.  I bought the machine from a really good dealer, but they are about 60 miles away and I wanted to find someone closer, if I could.  Once located, I dropped off the machine at a little Mom & Pop store with great reviews.  It was crammed with sewing machines and vacuums in various states of repair.  I thought it might be a good sign that they were so busy.  I had hoped to be able to sew a few inches in the store, so he could see for himself what the bobbin case was doing, but he was one the phone and motioned for me to just set it down.  I was able to say “Bobbin trouble” and that was it.  He gave me a claim ticket and I left.

Fast forward about 2 weeks, and I went to pick up my machine.  He had replaced the bobbin case (Hooray) and tied the old one on to the handle for a souvenir.  I took it for a test drive and low and behold, it’s as good as new.  I’m so happy to have it back and have it working well again.  Best money I’ve ever spent!  It’s a good machine and sews like a dream.  I put it to the ultimate test and sewed some flying geese and it went over the seems so smoothly, didn’t jig and jag and get all funky with it.  Hooray!  So now I’m wondering if it’s best to keep or sell my other machine.  It would be nice to have a backup, but I don’t really want to store it in the meantime.  I guess I’ll just wait and see.

In other news, Lancaster County 7 is ready to download.  We’re halfway done already.  Time sure does fly.

Happy Stitching,


2 thoughts on “Lancaster Co. – Block 7

  1. I’m glad you found someone who knew what he was doing. There’s nothing like a favorite old friend for sewing. I do keep a backup for when my machine has to be in the shop for two weeks!


  2. Husband had some unexpected surgery, and I am trying to get caught up again. I missed the Sycamore Rose finishing instructions, and Block 16. Is there a way for me to catch up on those!

    I thank you so much for posting these designs. I’m looking forward to getting back into my stitching mode.


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