Lancaster Co., Block 4

Block 4 Lancaster Co 2

Lancaster Co., block 4  is ready to download.

The center block can be purchased here.

I’m busy putting together a new quilt called Stars & Garters and am having so much fun. The fabrics are yummy Civil war repros and I bought a lovely toile for the backing.  Can’t wait until it’s all done!

Happy Stitiching!!


3 thoughts on “Lancaster Co., Block 4

  1. I’m having fun appliqueing the Lancaster Co. blocks and have purchased the pattern for the center.
    Thank you for sharing these lovely blocks! I was wondering will you be sharing the sizes for setting the blocks together as well as the patterns for the words on the outer borders?
    I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but just wondering. Thanks again for sharing the patterns.


    1. Hi Vera,

      I’m so glad you’re having fun! And thank you for purchasing the center block. I think it’s my favorite part of the whole quilt. The answer to all your questions is “Yes!” The sashing sizes and cutting instructions are all included in the finishing instructions that will be available for download at the end. But if you want a sneak peak, I can tell you that the sashing finishes at 1″, so cut-size is 1.5″. And the outer border patterns are handled the same as the other blocks with a placement diagram; However, a full alphabet will be included so you can personalize it as desired.


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