Lancaster Co., Block 2

Block 2 Lancaster Co 2


Lancaster Co. block 2 is up and ready for download.

We have been enjoying getting to know our new granddaughter, Kimmi.  She is a doll! Absolutely perfect, and with four baby-hungry Aunts to attend to her, she is loved a ton.  We just can’t get enough of her.  Unfortunately, we just found out that she and her parents will be moving almost 2000 miles away in April.  They’ve received a job opportunity that is too good to miss out on.  We are devastated that they will be so far away, but so excited for their opportunity.  So, we have to get all our love and cuddles in while we can.  And then Skype as much as possible after that.

For now, though, we are overflowing with family and it is wonderful!  My brother and parents are here from Texas and it is so lovely to be able to wrap my arms around my Mom and hug her tightly.  She is a saint.  My angel mother.  And I’m so grateful to have her close enough to hold for a little while.

I hope you have fun stitching block 2.  And I hope you’re surrounded by loved ones that you can kiss and cuddle.

Happy stitching,


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