Happy New Year

I hope you have a blessed and prosperous New Year wherever you may live!  I’m so excited to ring in 2015.  I have a ton of goals and projects to keep me busy and a lot of motivation to make it happen, so I’m ready to get to it.  It feels like a good year to grow and prosper, and with the Lord’s help, I can do all things.  So I’m looking forward to the challenge of learning and growing and becoming better.  Some things only need a little tweak, but some things will require a major overhaul.  I’m excited to create a happier, healthier 2015.

I’ve taken down all the Sycamore Rose links.  The pattern can now be found at Patternspot.com.

Since Sycamore Rose is coming down, that means Lancaster Co. is coming up.  The center block can be found here: Lancaster Co. Center Block.  I will post the first free block tomorrow morning!

God Bless & Happy New Year,


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Christy, Thank you so much for all the inspiration that you have given me. I did not get to participate with Sagamore quilt but look forward to working on the Lancaster one. I am going out to purchase my material and any other items that would help me to complete this quilt. Thank you again for everything. God Bless you.

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