Sycamore Rose – Block 7

Block 7 Sycamore Rose – Block 7 is now ready to download.  I hope you enjoy.

Here is my version prepared and basted but not yet stitched.  I’m glad I’ll have something to do on the plane. Please excuse the poor photography.  It’s from my phone, and I can never seem to get it to focus.

Block 7Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Sycamore Rose – Block 7

  1. Absolutely beautiful. So hard to choose a favourite block. Finishing by Christmas sounds fabulous. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful trip.


  2. Ive finished one, almost done two.

    I’ve got 3,4,5 kitted up.
    6&7 printed onto freezer paper and regular paper and will kit them up.
    So at least I am prepped and ready though it may be a while til I work on it in earnest.

    Love it !
    And thanks!!

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  3. I am playing catch-up because I finally found time to start. Have 4-7 glued up and ready for stitching. Templates made for #3 and will mark and cut fabric tonight. I love this BOM!! Thank you and happy Anniversary.


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