Sycamore Rose – Block 4


Block 4 w border

Here is Sycamore Rose – Block 4, ready for download. It’s a really sweet block with simple shapes to applique. I had a blast doing this one. I hope you will be gracious enough to forgive the poor photography. I didn’t want to bother MSH who was busy with his own project. But I probably should have, anyway. It looks a bit skewed in the photo, but I promise, all four corners are the same length.

I’m really enjoying seeing the pictures on Facebook of the blocks you all have done! It brightens my day considerably when I get to peek at what ya’ll are doing. And as a side note, I realized I forgot to put up a picture of block three, so I will post that to the Facebook page posthaste.

Today I got to do a little shopping and spent a few dollars on a lapdesk. I’ve been doing my applique with a pillow in my lap, but am excited to try it with a little sturdier surface. It has a microbead bottom, so it’ll stay put and a hard plastic top to hold my little sewing box. All in all, a great purchase, I think.

We are enjoying some much needed rain today here in our little desert valley.  It makes for a lovely day.

What methods of applique are you using to do the blocks?  I’m curious to know.  Do you prefer hand or machine applique?  Prepared edge or needle turn or back basting?  I think I’ve tried just about every method with varying degrees of success.  But I haven’t tried machine applique yet.  I’d like to try, but admit to being a little nervous about using invisible thread.  Is Nylon or Polyester better/easier to use?  I like Kim Diehl’s method of machine applique and think that’s probably the way I’d do it.  But I’ve also seen Beth Ferrier demonstrate her way and that looks great, too.  It’s wonderful to have so many choices.  But also a little daunting.

So glad it’s finally spring.  And a wet one, at that.

Stay safe,



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