Light Table

I wanted to share the super simple and relatively inexpensive light table my sweet husband made for me.
Light 1All you need to make one is an 18″ x 24″ piece of clear plexiglass, which you can get at most hardware stores; four short table legs; four washers; and four capped nuts.

First, he drilled a hole in each corner slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw attached to the leg.  This allows for a snug fit when screwing in the table legs.  Next top each screw with a washer and a capped nut.

Light 4These table legs are only about six inches tall.  If I were to do it again, I’d maybe try to find some that are eight inches tall.  Although six inches is fine.

Light 5What I really like about it is that on sunny days, I don’t even need a light on underneath it.  As you can see, there is enough light to see the lines clearly and line up my pieces.  For Sycamore Rose I’m using a white cotton sateen for my background and it’s just lovely to work with.  If your background fabric is darker then you will probably need a light source underneath the table.Light 2I’ve got block 2 all glued down and only have left to stitch it, and that’s my favorite part.  Just sitting in my chair enjoying the calming rhythm of the needle going in and out of the fabric and the satisfaction of having something beautiful to look at as I go.

I hope you all have a chance to do a little stitching, too.

3 thoughts on “Light Table

  1. Cool idea, mines a 11X14 corning ware baking dish with a clear glass cutting board on top and Christmas lights stuffed inside. Not near as fancy as yours. Smiles


    1. Clever, clever, clever!! I hadn’t ever thought to use Christmas lights. I bet it makes for a more evenly distributed light flow. I’m still searching for the perfect light to put under my table. I’ll have to try that!


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