Sycamore Rose – Block 16

Block 16

Happy Halloween!  It’s cold and blustery here, perfect Halloween weather!

Well, we’ve made it to the end.  Sycamore Rose – Block 16 is ready to download.  I will post the finishing direction in the next couple of days.  Electric Quilt and I are disagreeing over how much fabric is actually needed to finish the quilt.

And here’s the promised sneak peak at next year’s BOM, Lancaster County.  I have always loved Pennsylvania Dutch folk art, so I can honestly say that everything about designing this quilt has been a pure delight for me.  I think I’m done fussing with the blocks.  It measures 77 x 92.5, roughly twin size.

fraktur - No Pane


An alphabet will be included, so you can personalize the quilt to suit your desires.  I hope you all will come back for this one!  I’m so excited about it!

In the meantime,  Keep Stitching!


Sycamore Rose – Block 15

Block 15

Sycamore Rose – Block 15 is ready to download. I can’t believe we’re so near the end already.  The last block and finishing directions will be posted Nov. 1, along with a sneak peak at next year’s BOM, Lancaster County. All Sycamore Rose patterns will stay active until January 1st.  So, get them while you can!

Getting Excited about 2015!

This weekend was my birthday, but we didn’t really get to celebrate until today.  My sweet husband drove me three hours down south to just about San Diego so I could visit a quilt shop that’s been on my radar.  It’s called Fat Quarters Quilt Shop and it’s a great place!  The people are lovely, and it’s jam-packed with so much fabric, that sometimes you have to turn yourself just right to make it down the aisle safely (if you’re holding bolts in your hands).  They have an online presence, too. and offer free shipping in the continental United States. International orders ship for a flat $15 USD.  They have some amazing fabric!  I was so thrilled with what I found there, that I went back for more after lunch and a quick stop at the Quilt in a Day store, about 15 minutes away.  I have been eager to start collecting fabric for next year’s BOM, tentatively called “Fractur”.

Right at the beginning of our trip, we had a good omen as we stopped for breakfast at a local fast food establishment.  The colors I plan on using in Fractur were tiled on the wall.  Take a look:

Fraktur inspiration

All that’s missing is the green.  That just made me so happy, I knew today would be as wonderful as I had hoped.  By the time we arrived at the quilt store, I knew just what colors I wanted and went after them with abandon.  This is what I bought today:

Fraktur fabric

It will play very nicely with fabric from my stash.  It’s all so lovely.  I can’t wait to use it!  I’m just so excited for 2015.

Needless to say, it was a wonderful birthday, and a trip I hope to repeat every year.

Now, off to wash and iron the lot so it’s ready to use.  I don’t normally enjoy housework except at times like these.  Then, suddenly, I can stand at the iron all day with legs of steel.

I hope you’re getting excited, too, and that you’ll come back for next year’s block of the month.  I’m not quite finished designing it.  There’s a couple of blocks to tweak yet.  But it has a lovely folk art feel to it.  And I’m absolutely in love with the colors.

Sycamore Rose – Block 14

Block 14Well, we’re nearing the end of the journey.  Only three more blocks to go.  Here is the first of the three: Sycamore Rose – Block 14.  It has been a delight and a joy to do this BOM.  I had so much fun that I’ve already started planning next year’s.  Stay tuned for a sneak peek in the coming weeks.  I’m a big fan of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art and the 2015 BOM is heavily influenced by it.  Lots of tulips and even a couple of hex signs make it into the mix.  It will be a medallion quilt with a large center block which will be available for purchase and 14 surrounding blocks.  All applique.  The quilt I make will be using traditional Pennsylvania Dutch colors – Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, and Green.  But there’s lots of room of interpretation.  I hope you will enjoy it!


Sycamore Rose – Block 12

Block 12


Here is Sycamore Rose – Block 12 ready to download.

I’ve been on a bit of an applique adventure these last couple of weeks.  It started with a Craftsy class by one of my all-time favorite applique designers, Mimi Dietrich.  She’s phenomenal and makes it very easy for a beginner to get started.  One of her books was the first applique book that I owned.  And really, it’s what started me down the applique path.  So watching her class on hand applique was like hearing from an old friend.  I really like her methods of basting the appliques before they’re placed on the background.  I used to glue baste, then graduated to freezer paper on top (or in my case, templates cut from full sheet mailing labels), to needle turn, to the starch and iron methods.  The only downside to the starch and iron method is the time involved.  I like busy work, so once I get going, I’m fine.  But I find the time leading up to the project to be a bit daunting.  Knowing that it will take all of one evening to prep all my pieces kind of sucks a little of the joy away.  So, taking a cue from Mimi, I decided to glue baste the next appliques and was amazed at the time saved.  It was so fast!  A real time saver.  So now I’m back in the glue-basting corner.  I’m pretty fickle, so I know I’m likely to change sides in a little while, but for now, it seems to suit me.

What methods of applique do you use?  Is there one you go back to time and again?

Whatever method you use, I hope you have fun!